About Us

Tora: Maori meaning: to burn or blaze; Japanese code for ‘attack’

A shared dream…

TORATORA is the result of a 5 year personal dream – to create a unique and superior mountain biking adventure that would be unrivaled anywhere in New Zealand.

In 2008, the advice and guidance from some of New Zealand’s most experienced mountain bikers and trail builders confirmed the decision to make available a           350 acre native bush block and extensive coastal hill  country farmland to mountain bikers. Now, thanks to over 4 months of dedicated skill from ‘Morg’, one of New Zealand’s most specialised and skilful mountain-bike trail builders, we can share with you TORATORA – ‘attack-a-track’.

The history

Tom and Kathryn Elworthy have backpacked extensively around the world (42 countries in total), managed a ski chalet in France for 4 months, owned and operated an extremely successful Wairarapa tourism business over the past 10 years and more recently lived in France with their family for 10 months.

In May 2009 Kathryn Elworthy was the joint recipient of  the 2009 Inaugural Enterprising Rural Business Women Award hosted by Rural Women NZ.

However, the greatest achievement and highlight of the previous 18 incredibly busy years is, by far, the addition of four beautiful children into their lives.

Contact TORATORA for more information or booking enquiries:

Telephone: (06) 307 8151

International callers: (+64 6) 307 8151



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