Sustainability and Environment

At TORATORA we are committed to providing our clients with a superior tourism venture, while at the same time being conscious of our responsibility to preserve and minimize our effects on this precious environment for  future generations. We also recognize the importance of taking all practical measures to operate as a sustainable business.Our practices for protecting the environment and operating as a sustainable business include:

  • Growing our own fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables whenever possible
  • All our meat is home grown
  • Buying locally grown and organic sourced produce whenever possible
  • Recycling all our glass, metal, plastic and paper waste
  • Employing members of our local community
  • Use of a mulching mower on all our grounds
  • Using 100% certified organic weed killer around our buildings and grounds
  • Recycling our food waste by feeding to our ‘Free range chooks and pigs’
  • Encourage our guests to be energy efficient during their stay
  • Supporting local vineyards who are committed to organic principles
  • Heating is from firewood grown renewably on-farm
  • All water for accommodation is rainwater collected    on large roofs and gravity-fed
  • Carbon sinks have been established by shutting up areas of bush and planting of forestry. This provides habitats for native birds and allows regeneration of native bush
  • Ongoing planting of native trees, flaxes and various other plants around our large grounds and 2500 acre farm
  • Working with the regional council to eradicate ferrets, possums and wasps which are all damaging our native species.

Contact TORATORA for more information or booking enquiries:

Telephone: (06) 307 8151

International callers: (+64 6) 307 8151


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