The Mountain Bike Trails

Professionally built Mountain bike trails at TORATORA include over 20km of Native Bush 1-way XC trails. The Loop is a 16km purpose built grade 3+ trail (best suited to Intermediate+ riders).

There is also a 6km beginner+ trail, plus more than 2km of newly established hand-built technical single-track trails   for the more advanced riders!

‘The Loop’ (grade 3-4, best suited to Intermediate+ riders): A 16km One Way Sensational Native Bush Ride:

A one-way wide single-track XC trail that circumnavigates the perimeter of the spectacular 370 acre Native bush block and provides a foundation from which a variety of other tracks can be accessed.

“The Loop is littered with long flowing descents, tabletops and beautifully Sculpted Berms which encourage you to push hard through the corners and pop high off the lips” SPOKE magazine, July 2011.

Berms, tabletops, moderate hill climbs, technical switchbacks, rollers and exhilarating down-hills have been designed and built one of New Zealand’s most specialized trail builders exclusively for mountain-bikers.

The TORATORA Loop is a truly exhilarating ride that showcases New Zealand’s unique landscapes. With ever changing vistas, the breathtaking, diverse scenery will be  the only possible distraction from the thrills on offer. Enveloped by a huge variety of flora and fauna, the ‘Loop’ has something for everyone.

TORATORA is intended to appeal to a broad spectrum of mountain bikers – depending on how riders opt to ‘attack a track’ both beginner and experienced riders will feel challenged and rewarded.

‘The Loop’ has equal amounts of uphill, traversing and downhill and is a cross-country orientated trail with the pedaling element that gives you that extra bit of workout  and satisfaction!!

The ‘Airstrip Loop’ for Beginners+ (Trail grade: 2).

The 6km ‘Airstrip Loop’ has been created for beginners.  This trail ensures riders experience everything from down-hills, up-hills and technical switchbacks all on a 1.2m wide purpose built XC trail and redundant forestry track.

Technical Trail for Advanced riders (Trail grade: 4+)

This recently developed trail offers more challenging,  tighter and technical alternatives among luxurious undergrowth. ‘Stews Downhill’ has been created to      provide more technical riding for the more advanced rider. TORATORA will continue to grow, with more and more technical single-track trails being made available for you to discover.

At TORATORA your safety and satisfaction is Paramount.  Trails are ONE WAY ONLY and have been designed and built exclusively FOR MOUNTAIN BIKERS by one of New Zealands most specialized trail builders.

“You will be awed by animal sightings, the unique smell of native bush and the feel of adrenalin pumping through your veins”.

Things you’ll need to bring for the MTB trail – download list here.

Click to download full trail grade description here.

Contact TORATORA for more information or booking enquiries:

Telephone: (06) 307 8151

International callers: (+64 6) 307 8151


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